Welcome to the official CLOSI City Homepage!

This webpage will act as a grounds for citizens of CLOSI to interact with one another, aswell as share files across this digital worldspace. KEEP IN MIND that this site is being entirely developed by one person (the mayor) so updates will take a lot of time to come out.

On the left of your monitor should be a list of various different activites and tools to ingage with, (the nagivation tab). This whole internet thing is still pretty new so im trying my best to implement these as soon as I can!

Enjoy and happy browsing!


City Wall Post

Hello! before we begin i would like to address that these wall post will ALL be written by Solium, the mayor. Dont let anyone lie to you and say they wrote it. BUT with that out of the way, id like to say that these post are basically going to just be me talking about my development on the site & whatevers going on in CLOSI City through my eyes. None of these post are gonna be archived to the site, so if you really wanna save it, i reccomend creating a text file on your homescreen and store the logs there, or just rely on your memory.

anyway, lets get on with what ive been doing now. The webpages progress has been going pretty smoothly, i dont really have anyone to talk to so theres less distractions in the way of this things creation. IDK what feature im gonna add next tho, chatrooms seem cool but at the same time we kinda need a way to recieve files sent from one another thru emails, so ill flip a coin on what i wanna make first. Other than that, i DID get Daxter to push out some ads for this webpage. It costed a good few dollars but hopefully it'll get more people to view our site. Also, id like to thank the people that created those 'blinkies' at the bottom of the screen when i mentioned i was gonna create a website during my last speech, thank you Brudda and Skelly for that. That SHOULD be all for the current progress of the site? hopefully im not forgetting anything.

Moving on to stuff going on in CLOSI City,,, its been alright, same as usual, including the usual complaint of funding goals not being met. Malts shoppe is celebrating its second year anniversary since its grand opening, so thats cool. This month we got 4 new citizens, which is less than favorable numbers... but its OK! we already have a pretty good community, so things should be fine! Theres a pothole near that weird pillow factory thats next to the construction zones, and ive been getting calls all night asking for urgent help to fix it,,, so i gotta try to get that situated aswell sometime. This is like the fourth time something has broken near the pillow factory, and the fourth time it came out of MY WALLET, so im gonna take action on them soon, i just gotta get my affairs situated first before i can do that.

Thats all of the logs for today, stay tuned for any updates! theyre gonna be spontaneous so dont expect a requent upload schedule

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